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Providing NHS Services in Care Homes

Our Eyecare at Home teams are experienced in carrying out eye examinations in residential care homes and are sensitive to the specific needs of your residents.

Delivery of Eyecare at Home to your care home residents will equal the high standards of care expected by our patients seen in their own home environment.

Complexities soon arise on scaling-up this high level of care across a medium to large residential care home.

We are our able to meets these expectations of high standards through a simple systematic system of care to ensure that both patients and care staffing needs are meet.

A simple systematic system of care


It is a care quality commission requirement that all patients need to be offered a choice of optician, using their own or possibly our domiciliary service. If required, we can maintain a simple log of all patient choice on your behalf.

Regarding patient consent extra care is required, and we insist on written patient and/or family consent for an examination.

Patient ongoing consent is required though-out the examination and for any extra diagnostic exams. See our Service User Consent Policy.


Care is taken to ensure that patient and patient’s family and staff are fully informed regarding the out-come of an examination.

A copy of the prescription and advice given can be left for both the patient and patient’s family. When it is appropriate, all parties are involved in the decision process of patient referral.

When spectacles are required, we will leave an order/quotation to be pass onto the resident’s family as all orders must be confirmed.

If family would like to assist in spectacle choice a follow-on appointment with our qualified Dispensing Optician may be arranged. We have a statutory “10 day cooling off period” policy.

Hand-over of care

After all clinics we will provide a simple hand over discussing the outcome of all examinations with the duty charge nurse. A single GOS2 page report, with full details of ongoing care is printed in plain language.

The home copy of the prescription and advice is filed in the patients care plan to complete handover of care – this can be used as a quick ongoing reference for your care staff.

All referrals to the hospital eye service (HES) will be firstly discussed with you and then referred with you via the patients GP.


All Eyecare at Home spectacles are engraved with patient’s name and spectacle type: Distance (D) Near vision (N) Bifocals (B) Varifocals (V).

A simple spectacles repair service is provided, using prepaid jiffy bags for a 1st Class same day return, for simple repairs.

This simple systematic system of care has evolved over many years of service and continues to meet day to day needs of our care-homes patients. For more details please email or phone us today.

Eyecare at home staff training sessions

We have over the years developed staff training to suit the needs of your care staff and residents. The training is engaging and practical with opportunity for staff to view the back of their colleague’s eye using an ophthalmoscope.

Our training sessions are offered without charge and will help give care staff a deeper understanding to what life is like for patients living with eye disease, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

To book your care staff training session, please email or phone our team today.

We will arrive on time, at the right time…

On booking a clinic we will give you an appointment date, at a time convenient for your care home – no clashes with meal times or staffing pinch points. For an introductory appointment, please email or phone us today.

We will make it easy for you to switch…

We do all the paperwork for you, making it easy to switch from your current provider – the start of a complete end-to-end service. For our friendly Eyecare at Care Home service please email or phone our team today.

Caring and friendly…

At Eyecare at Home we genuinely care about your resident – we will always treat them as an individual and are willing to be called out just for the ones and twos – as we always put their needs first. To book your patient’s first Eyecare at Home examination, for an immediate* response please phone contact us today.

Important Small Print

Care is required to work alongside your patients to meet eye care needs. Please see our Safeguarding, Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberties Policy.

For clinics we work in teams of two – comprising of an Optometrist & Dispenser. Please see our Lone Working policy for full details.

We recommend a member of your care staff to be available on the day in case a chaperone is needed – please see our Chaperone policy for further information.

*For an NHS eye examination, we need to give the NHS two days’ notice to meet their pre-notification requirements. For more than two patients in one home we are required to give three weeks’ notice.

*Emergency eye examinations are not available at home on the NHS.

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