Cataracts naturally develop over time as your eye ages.

Inside your eye, behind the iris and pupil is a lens. In a normal eye, this lens is clear. It helps focus light rays on to the back of the eye (the retina), which sends messages to the brain allowing us to see.

Cataracts occur when changes in the lens cause it to become less transparent, and this interferes with the passage of light through the lens to the back of your eye. This results in cloudy or misty vision. People with cataracts often report problems with light scatter and “haloes” surrounding objects at night.

Over time, cataracts become worse and vision progressively becomes mistier. Surgery removes and replaces the affected lens with an artificial lens.

The good news is that cataracts are entirely treatable with around 350,000 cataract operations performed free of charge on the NHS every year. This operation is very safe and takes little more than 15 minutes to complete.

For a diagnosis or regular ongoing monitoring of cataracts and advice on DVLA driving-sight requirements please book an appointment by calling us freephone on 0800 130 3007.

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On entry to your home we will use:

FACE MASKS (Grade II) and provide you with one if needed.
Cover our feet with DISPOSABLE OVERSHOES.

We will provide and use our own soap and hand towel and wash our hands.

For your Eye Examination and spectacle dispense we will:

Spray - sanitise all equipment and spectacle frames before handing them to you.

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