Your Home Visit

Your home visit

Your Appointment

Your appointment may be privately funded or available on the NHS

You can request a Home visit by calling us and we will take your details. If your appointment is on the NHS we will confirm eligibility and we will arrange an examination at a time convenient for you.

For an NHS eye examination, we need to give the NHS two days’ notice to meet their pre-notification requirements. For more than two patients in one home we are required to give three weeks’ notice.

Emergency eye examinations are not available at home on the NHS.

On the Day

On the day we will visit at the pre-arranged time after phoning an hour before the appointment to confirm that we are on our way.

An eye examination could take 25 – 40 minutes. Plus, time will be required to set-up and pack equipment. Extra-time will be required for spectacle dispensing which can be ordered on the day, or a separate appointment may be arranged with our qualified Dispensing Optician.

The actual examination time taken will be appropriate to the individual’s circumstance. If an appointment is unexpectedly extended to meet your needs this does not become a problem as we do not work within the time restraints of the high street clinic practice.

Your Optometrist

Our optometrists have had considerable exposure to a wide range of patients in the community and have developed the necessary skills to meet their needs.

As many of our optometrists are bi-lingual we may even be able to offer you an examination in your languages. However, we can always do an examination if you provide a translator.

All employees have had dementia training and many of our optometrists have had extensive exposure to mental health needs.

Your Examination

A fully comprehensive eye examination will be conducted using the most up to date portable equipment. By using specialist equipment, we are now able to provide an eye examination comparable to high street practice.

Depending on your individual needs, the optometrist uses a variety of different pieces of diagnostic equipment:

Autorefractor – This is used to see how long or short-sighted you are.

Tonometer – This is used to measure the internal pressure of each eye. This is one test that helps the optometrist assess the risk of you developing glaucoma.

Digital retinal camera – This may be used to take a photograph of the back of your eyes. This image is saved and will be useful in monitoring changes in eye health on future visits.

Visual field analyser – This is often used to detect early glaucoma or problems that could be associated with headaches.

At the start of your examination your optometrist will ask you if you are experiencing any eye problems and about your general health and lifestyle. Then, to check the health of your eyes an ophthalmoscope is used to examine the retina at the back of the eye, the optic nerve and its blood vessels.

A retinoscope is used to get an accurate measurement of any refractive error. This test works well with children or for someone who cannot easily describe their vision.To fine-tune their findings, the optometrist will ask you to read a test chart through different strength lenses. This confirms which prescription lenses will give you best vision.

If you’re over 60, the optometrist might need to apply eye drops to dilate your pupils. This can make your vision a bit blurred and eyes more sensitive to light.

At the end of your eye examination, your optometrist will explain what all the tests and evaluations indicate and recommend the best options for your individual needs.

To find out if you are eligible for a free home eye examination, please click here.

On entry to your home we will use:

FACE MASKS (Grade II) and provide you with one if needed.
Cover our feet with DISPOSABLE OVERSHOES.

We will provide and use our own soap and hand towel and wash our hands.

For your Eye Examination and spectacle dispense we will:

Spray - sanitise all equipment and spectacle frames before handing them to you.

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