Your Lens Type Explained

Your lense type explained

Whilst there is a wide choice of spectacle lenses available for purchase, there are only three main lens types: single vision, bifocal lenses and progressive varifocal lenses.

Single Vision

Simple single vision lenses can be made up for distance vision or to meet your near reading needs.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals lens design meets both distance and near visual needs, by having the additional power requirement incorporated in a reading segment in the lower half of the lens.

There are different bifocal segment shapes available: a range of round segment sizes, “D” or “C” or an executive straight-top. Our dispensing opticians can advise which shape will meet your needs.

Plus, there are trifocal lenses which incorporate an extra intermediate-power segment. They are available but are rarely dispensed as progressive lenses are in favour these days.

Progressive Varifocal Lenses

Progressive varifocal lenses are like bifocals as they have a stronger power for reading in the lower half of the lens.

However, unlike a bifocal, there is a smooth transition of power from the distance to reading prescription, this transition removes the unsightly bifocal line.

In addition, the corridor between the distance and the full reading power is graduated, this enables reading at any mid-distance.

For super sharpness and minimal distortion, the latest progressive varifocal lenses are now digitally generated. These lenses are at the cutting edge of current lens design, providing a maximum “field of view” with seamless clear “natural vision” at any distance.

Our dispensing opticians having many years of experience are well placed to assess your needs, and to advise and guide you in your choice of spectacle lenses.

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On entry to your home we will use:

FACE MASKS (Grade II) and provide you with one if needed.
Cover our feet with DISPOSABLE OVERSHOES.

We will provide and use our own soap and hand towel and wash our hands.

For your Eye Examination and spectacle dispense we will:

Spray - sanitise all equipment and spectacle frames before handing them to you.

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